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A selection of Carpenter Tools used for fitting fire doors



Where a new Fire Door is supplied and fitted by Just Fire Doors, the complete record of the door is known and the work will be fully certified by BM Trada, who are widely recognised as a leading third-party fire certification body.

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Just Fire Doors are certified under BM Trada and offer a full Fire Door maintenance service.  After each survey and completion of any remedial work, full documentation is issued to the client and copies kept with Just Fire Doors as an audit trail.


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Fire Doors with no history.

Once a Fire Door Assessment has been carried out, Just Fire Doors acts as the competent person to perform the remedial work identified in the assessment to bring the Fire Doors up to standard.

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Installation of New Fire Doors

When a brand new Fire Door is fitted, Just Fire Doors fitters will know the complete history of the door and all works will be certified by BM Trada, who are widely recognised as a leading third-party fire certification body, giving you complete peace of mind that your Fire Door has been installed by a highly trained and certified fitter.

On Completion of the installation, you will be issued with a certificate containing all relevant information about the Fire Door.  Just Fire Doors will keep a copy of this information to maintain a full audit trail of the door.  


Maintenance of Fire Doors

Fire Door maintenance is a legal requirement in developments above 5 stories.  It is also required in buildings like hospitals and care homes.  A BM Trada certified maintenance programme can be implemented where the full history of the Fire Door is known and documented.  A maintenance programme consists of the following 4 stages:


Annual or quarterly survey of all Fire Doors including frame, door leaf and all door furniture


Identification of remedial work to bring the door up to the required standard


Completion of remedial work to ensure that the Fire Door remains fully compliant with legislation


Regular maintenance contract can be set up ensuring regular inspections and remedial work are carried out

Complete Peace of Mind

Just Fire Doors are certified under BM Trada and offer Fire Door maintenance services.  After each survey and completion of any remedial work, we issue full documentation and keep copies to ensure an audit trail for each Fire Door is maintained.

Please note that Fire Door maintenance does not include adding to or improving existing Fire Doors which do not have a complete and documented history.  This is covered in our retro fitting & repair service, detailed below.

Retro fits & Upgrades

Retro Fitting & Repairing

When the history of the Fire Door is not known

If a Responsible Person has had a Fire Door Assessment carried out on Fire Doors in a building they are responsible for, this assessment should specify the fire rating of the doors, their location in the building and highlight any repairs required to ensure the door continues to provide the level of fire resistance required. 

Just Fire Doors is not able to carry out inspections on unknown doors to ascertain whether they are suitable to be upgraded. We act on the instruction of the Responsible Person to carry out works based upon a survey carried out by an expert Fire Door Assessor.

It is the Responsible Person or the Fire Door Assessor who takes responsibility for the Fire Door and informs us of the remedial work required.  Just Fire Doors operates as the competent person on the instruction of the Responsible Person and carries out the remedial work in accordance with the Fire Assessment, ensuring each door is fully compliant. 

It is important to note that this work cannot be certified under BM Trada because the history of the Fire Door is not known.

For example, a block of flats built in the 1970s has solid wooden doors to each flat.  The doors are solid wood but do not have any certification stating that they are actually a Fire Door.  A Fire Door Assessor would attend the block and identify the improvements required to make the doors compliant with legislation.  In these circumstances, these doors are called Nominal Fire Doors and can be retro fitted or repaired as long as all hardware and materials used are fire rated. Typical door failures we come across are: no self closure, no intumescent strips, gaps around the door leaf and non fire safe door furniture.

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