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Fire Door Info

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Fire Doors & Fire Door Surveys

Fire Door Surveys

The Fire Door Survey is a detailed review of each fire door on the site and can only be carried out by accredited surveyors.  It will identify every aspect of the fire door and highlight any remedial actions required to ensure the fire door is compliant.  Simply saying that a fire door fails is insufficient for us to provide a quote from.  The report should detail exactly what has failed on each door and the actions required. Just Fire Doors requires a copy of the Fire Door Assessment to provide an accurate quote.


Types of Fire Doors

The Responsible Person for the building should be familiar with the classification of each door set and should be able to inform Just Fire Doors whether the door(s) is (are) FD30, FD60, FD30S or FD60S rated.


To ascertain whether a door has appropriate fire resistance and is indeed a Fire Door, it should have a manufacturer or installer label.  These doors are proven Fire Doors.  They have data sheets and history and can be maintained under BM Trada.  If a door does not have a manufacturer or installer label it will be one of the following:


A nominal Fire Door - this is a phrase used by surveyors on doors that lack any certification, but deemed by a surveyor to be a fire door because it has all the characteristics of a Fire Door. These doors can be upgraded on the instruction of the Responsible Person.


A Notional Fire Door is a door that satisfied the standard applicable to Fire Resisting at the time they were fitted. They can be upgraded only on the opinion of a Fire Door assessor.


Not a Fire Door – If the door lacks the characteristics of a Fire Door it cannot be upgraded and must be replaced.  Just Fire Doors can install new Fire Doors under the BM Trada certification scheme (see below).

Installation, Maintenance or Retrofit?

BM Trada Installations

This involves the installing of a new fire door set (door and frame). All BM Trada certified installations will come with full certification and documentation.  Door sets supplied and installed by Just Fire Doors Ltd must not be modified in any way without the consent of Just Fire Doors Ltd.  Any unauthorised alterations will result in all certifications being null and void.


BM Trada Maintenance

For BM Trada Maintenance work the Fire Door should have all the components of a Fire Door including but not limited to:

  • Three Hinges

  • Intumescent Strips

  • Self-Closure (single Perco closers are not permitted)


Maintenance under the BM Trada scheme is designed to bring the door back to the standard where it provides the level of fire resistance required.  This includes things like dealing with gaps due to movement of the building or door frame, replacing worn hinges etc.  It does not permit adding any new elements to the door like routing in new intumescent strips.  Replacing worn or damaged items is permitted.


Not all Fire Doors reach the standard required to be maintained under BM Trada. To complete work under BM Trada, Just Fire Doors will complete a 21-point survey of your doors and rectify everything we find, which may be in addition to what was detailed on your survey. We can discuss this with you on a site-by-site basis.


Retrofit / Repairs

A Fire Door surveyor will survey the doors and list works required. This work is then carried out by Just Fire Doors who acts as the Competent Person on the instruction of the Responsible Person and carries out the remedial work in accordance with the Fire Door Survey, ensuring that each door is fully compliant.


If the works specified in the Fire Door Assessment are not achievable, we will contact the client. Stand down charges may apply.  If the gaps are too excessive the architrave may have to be removed and the frame re packed - this will be included in the price. 


Just Fire Doors will supply documentation detailing the works carried out in accordance with the Fire Door Survey. Retrofit work is not certified under BM Trada.  Just Fire Doors will carry out the works identified on your Fire Door Survey and issue documentation for each retrofit detailing what work has been carried out on the door and when.  This can be used for future Fire Door surveys.


In carrying out remedial work on Fire Doors, architraves must be removed and access to the frame is often required. This may cause a small amount of damage to the area around the door.  For example, small amounts of plaster may come away from where the architrave is removed.  Just Fire Doors will reseal the architraves and make a reasonable effort to leave the property how we found it, but this is not always possible.  Just Fire Doors is not responsible for any damage to the surrounding structure of the walls or floor.   We are not liable to pay for or carry out any redecoration works.  The site will be left clean and tidy.


Just Fire Doors is not able to carry out inspections on unknown doors to ascertain whether they are suitable to be upgraded. We act on the instruction of the Responsible Person to carry out works based upon the Fire Door Survey.

Fire Stopping

If a gap is found between the door frame and the building wall, this would allow fire and smoke to spread quickly.  Such gaps are common in older buildings, less so in newer structures. If there is a gap it doesn’t matter whether a new fire door is fitted or existing doors are repaired, the building will still not be fire safe.  These gaps must be filled appropriately and cannot be left.  If Just Fire Doors installers come across gaps which represent inadequate Fire Stopping that was not mentioned in the Fire Door Assessment, they will fix the issue there and then and charge £150 per door. 

Materials Used By Just Fire Doors Ltd

All materials used and any hardware added to door will be Fire Rated and fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Just Fire Doors Quotes

Our quotes are based on the information and imagery supplied in the Fire Door Assessment supplied to us for a building by the Responsible Person.   On commencement of the job, if we discover that additional remedial work is required to bring a door up to Fire Door regulation, we will inform you and further charges may apply.  We will not undertake additional work without permission from the Responsible Person.


Fire Doors are safety devices and any work carried out by Just Fire Doors Ltd is based on the understanding that the Fire Door Surveyors / Assessors are satisfied that the door or doors (including frames) in the building are Fire Doors and suitable to have the assigned work carried out.

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